Utility Management

Get top-tier utility management with Synergy Solutions.

Audit-Tel’s signature utility management services, working for you.

Audit-Tel’s Synergy utility management services are a set of comprehensive solutions based on our specialties. We’ve blended our experience with auditing, invoice management, and consulting to manage electric, gas, water, and sewer invoices and expenses.

Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming utility management. Audit-Tel’s Synergy services are designed to simplify the process, reduce your administrative burden, and immediately deliver superior money saving results.

By utilizing Audit-Tel’s Synergy Solutions, you get:

  • Financial telemanagement
  • Web-based services, putting you in control 24/7
  • Experienced multi-dimensional approach to invoice auditing and analysis of all utility bills
  • Additional analytical support from an experienced account team
  • Timely processing and auditing of all utility invoices, eliminating utility expense late fees and service cut-offs.
  • Implementation of best-in-class rates
  • One point of contact for suppliers, ordering, and billing clarification
  • Improved expense management, planning, reporting, and budgeting

Audit-Tel’s Synergy utility management services are a critical part of having a successful utility management plan. Thoughtful utility management strategy will ensure that your business achieves the highest level of utilization for every dollar spent for your utilities.