TEM Services

Revolutionize TEM processes with  Streamline ® from Audit-Tel.

Streamline ® Audit-Tel Is Your Solution for efficient end-to-end Telecommunications Invoice Management

Streamline ® is Audit-Tel’s telecommunications invoice management service providing dynamic customized, end-to-end processing of wireline, voice, mobility, data, internet and cloud invoice management solution.  Streamline ® is intelligent and knowledge-based and has 4 decades of TEM service built into your TEM solution. It is a unique and sophisticated program that distinguishes Audit-Tel as the best choice for any technology expense management (TEM) needs.

Invoices and expenses that are managed through Streamline® include:

  • Local services and CLECs
  • Long-distance carriers
  • Data services, internet Cloud and IoT
  • Mobility, wireless, paging and BYOD
  • Equipment leases and maintenance contracts
  • T&M, MACD and IW
  • Taxes and Surcharges

Audit-Tel Provides a Complete, End-to-End Process.

We provide end-to-end processing of your company’s technology invoices. Our systematic approach provides a single-source, web-based bill and inventory solution for your company’s technology expenses. This service processes all technology bills—regardless of format—from all vendors and for multiple locations and international, depending on your needs.

Streamline ® Results driven TEM processing services also combines many of Audit-Tel’s cost-management services, which includes:

  • Contract compliance and management
  • Identifying, researching and resolving billing errors and overcharges
  • Ensuring that refunds are obtained and that credits are applied
  • Ensuring that identified invoice errors are corrected on future bills
  • Withholding payments/short pays on inappropriate charges
  • Ongoing evaluation of optimum service utilization
  • Providing clarity with monthly, quarterly and annual expense reports
  • Assist with development of IT and Network Budgets

Proceed Confidently with Worry-Free Accuracy Customized to Suit Your Needs.

Audit-Tel’s proprietary web-based software identifies billing problems and makes sure invoices are paid correctly and on-time. It even accounts for varying tariffs, service offerings, discount plans, multiple bill formats and special contracts.

When there is a billing dispute, Audit-Tel does not pass it over to you to handle. Audit-Tel resolves it, providing a complete resolution to the problem with your bill, no matter what your business structure entails.

Audit-Tel and Streamline ® reduce your technology spending and your spending on internal labor and administrative items. Audit-Tel and Streamline ® also save you the stress and anxiety of getting your bills paid accurately and on-time.

Successful, Transparent Reporting Provides You with Valuable Insight.

Streamline ® reporting Clarity provides you the required financial information that you need to manage your technology expenses. The objective is to give your company a single, consolidated technology expense report.  Our comprehensive reports are clearly detailed, so all levels of management understand what they are spending. .

The reporting includes:

  • Consolidated monthly expense identification
  • Monthly expense variation
  • Trend analysis and YTD summaries
  • Historical reports
  • Vendor-detail reports
  • Accounts-payable reports
  • Budget-analyst reports
  • Circuit and services inventories
  • Monthly savings and recovery reports

When You Use TEM Services from Audit-Tel, You Get: