Help Desk

Help desk solutions to keep you operational, no matter what—24/7, 365.

Our help desk services were built on 35 years of experience.

Companies that operate in dynamic environments require a significant number of telecom service changes. Whether these changes are wireline, wireless, data or hardware related, managing them can be time consuming and demanding. Audit-Tel’s trained telecom professionals can handle all of the underlying detail work associated with help desk support. This includes break fix, ordering, installing, validating and/or handling the individual tasks associated with modifying services at an existing location.


Audit-Tel’s help desk services were born from an idea for complete telecommunication support solutions. We had a vision for support that bridged telecom departments and financial departments. At Audit-Tel, we deliver complete solutions that are cost effective, achievable, and technologically progressive. During the course of our 35 years in the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) field, we saw many of our clients over-paying for their telecom repair services and hardware.  This created a massive oversight of the financial implications for servicing the companies’ telecom infrastructure, and we set out to create a solution.


Our mission became to change how the telecommunications market operates by offering unbiased, competitive, and innovative communications support solutions. We focus on reduced pricing, rapid service restoral, and strong knowledge of our clients’ networks. Already having experience in TEM, we’re experts in identifying waste in equipment purchases, enforcing vendor accountability, and providing immediate cost improvement.

Get fast and accurate support, whenever you need it.

With Audit-Tel, you can take comfort in knowing your help desk is available 24/7, 365. Finding a solution to your request is as important to us as it is to you. Our live, knowledgeable support team is will get you up and working as soon as possible, addressing your call with speed and accuracy. With telecom and data experts that man and support your current technology infrastructure, Audit-Tel cuts through the clutter to solve the problem. Please contact us to talk about how we can customize a cost-effective help desk solution that will fit and support your organization’s needs.


Our 24/7 help desk does not pass the buck on any of our clients’ network issues. Our team members own each incident ticket they are assigned and work that ticket to its completion, utilizing proven escalation models and incident manager tools. Our service team is equipped with the skills needed to troubleshoot issues and identify the actions necessary to keep your network operational. Audit-Tel leads the industry in mean time to restoral (MTR), which allows you to generate more revenue for your company.

We take the worry out of MACD-Ordering services.

  • New services implemented with the most cost-effective rates
  • Services ordered with the correct service providers
  • Invoices sent to the appropriate bill payment location
  • Auditing of all charges to guarantee accurate billing
  • Assure that disconnected services are actually removed from billing
  • All rendered services are within current contractual rates and SLA’s
  • Continual project management / service order lifecycle ensures no detail is missed