Know where you can save. Take the first step towards reducing your technology costs with a telecommunications audit from Audit-Tel.


Control your wireless expenses. Audit-Tel is your customized End-to-End processing of wireline, voice, data, internet and wireless invoice management.


Achieve your financial goals. Our expertise combines extensive market knowledge and industry expertise, and has evolved into proven processes that deliver leading results.


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Take the first step towards reducing your technology costs with a telecommunications audit from Audit-Tel.

Our Proven Results Rapidly Improve Your Bottom Line.

An Audit-Tel technology/telecom audit blends the speed and precision of Audit-Tel’s unique, proprietary software with the experience of Audit-Tel’s professional staff. This is a powerful and effective combination working to make sure your telecommunications services are optimized, so you can be sure that you are only paying for what you need.

For over four decades, our proven structured audits reveal billing errors that entitle our clients to significant savings and recoveries. After all, these errors represent your money! Audit-Tel can get this money returned to you in the form of credits and refunds from your telecommunications vendors and reduce your on-going spend.

We do this by:

  • Verifying the services that are currently installed
  • Auditing vendor billing
  • Ensuring that current services are being utilized to their fullest potential
  • Using our national network of telecommunications technicians to perform on-site services validation

Get the experts on your side

We’ve refined our knowledge-based auditing techniques into a structured system for auditing telecommunications expenses. Our expertise includes voice, data, internet and wireless communications services.

Our procedures evaluate the extent of overpayments, reduce future expenses and identify money for recovery. We analyze every telephone bill, item by item, and report billing errors and overcharges.

Our audit and profit-recovery analysis includes:

  • Improved rate and tariffs applications
  • Special-contracts compliance
  • Misdirected billing
  • Duplicate charges or billings
  • Billing for removed services
  • Inappropriate taxes
  • Excessive CLEC surcharges
  • Unauthorized services
  • Billing for unused services
  • Unregulated charges

Expect Personalized Service Without Risk

Regardless of size, each audit is highly significant to our progress. Your project does not get lost in a massive organization, and the work we do is tailored to meet your specific needs. What is more—the telecommunications audit that we perform is on a zero-cost basis. In other words, if we don’t discover savings for you, then don’t pay anything, but we will still provide you with a Financial Telemanagement Assessment Report that outlines your expenses. If we discover areas where you can save money, then we take a success fee, which is paid from a portion of the money that you recover from the audit. It’s that simple, and you can start your journey to savings today.

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