About Us

Audit-Tel Inc., providing quality TEM services and support since 1974

Audit-Tel is a privately held company with over 35 years in business. We are known by our long-term clients as true and trusted partners. Audit-Tel’s corporate offices are located in Cincinnati, OH. Our success comes from our dedication to the needs of our clients. We’re proud to supply necessary
telecommunication solutions to enhance business operations and increase financial profitability.

Audit-Tel is an independent provider of financial telemanagement services to North American and International industries and businesses. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, small organizations, and businesses of every size in between. Audit-Tel is also the nation’s leading financial telemanagement services provider in the retail industry, as well as being leaders in the healthcare technology management sect. We’ve achieved this by providing unbeatable consulting, software solutions, auditing, and technology expense services. The results speak for themselves: we’ve saved our clients billions of dollars.

Our focus is determined by the objectives of our clients. Since Audit-Tel offers only service and expertise, we are not influenced by any vendors or communications service providers. Our loyalties are only to our clients, and we see this as necessary to maintaining professionalism. We continually work to
find new and innovative ways to assist you in achieving your goals, and will provide the most effective plan for any of your telecommunications technology initiatives.

Since the beginning, we’ve been expanding professional capabilities and support services. We believe that we are a unique employee environment, with a foundation of family values and closeness. This, combined with our extensive experience and dedication to excellence, allows us to provide responsive, consistent, expert services to all of our clients.